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SNH Casting

SNH CASTING is a dynamic company, started by a passionate persons who has tremendous exposure and experience in the foundry industry. In the era of credit crunch and depressing industrial scenario ,its is noteworthy to have started such a big venture .It always says a lot about the team who has achieved customer confidence and gained sizable market share with short span, Now it is poised to expand ,grow and get its share of market in heavy C I and S G Iron Casting.

We wish to introduce ourselves as SNH Castings - manufacturers of heavy castings in Grey Cast Iron and Ductile Iron metals Our focus is mainly on heavy castings used by press tools, machine tools and engineering industry. These castings form the base for assembling further parts and fixtures etc to form a die or a machine and hence require reliability, rigidity and resistance to wear. Due to intense competition between industries and pressure of compressed development cycles, these heavy castings are required in very challenging time frames. Also the dimensional tolerance and surface finish of these castings must be controlled to reduce machining cycle and for aesthetic requirement.
Considering all these vital statistics, we have installed state of the art equipment and machines capable of manufacturing castings up to 8 MT single piece by Full Mold Process. All this modern machinery and equipment shall be housed in a 26500 Sq. Feet shed strategically located in Kharabwadi Chakan Area. We have specifically selected the location with a view to be nearby to our customers so as to provide quick and responsive service.
An Induction Furnace of 3000 kg capacity shall be started soon which makes it possible to cast C.I. Castings up to 2500 kg and S G Iron castings up to 2000 kg single piece. It is planned further to install 5 MT holding furnace for manufacture of bigger ductile iron castings.
Material handling shall be taken care of by OH cranes and pneumatic conveying system etc.
A well-equipped laboratory will provide immediate back-up to produce castings to exacting customer specs and will have facilities to check metal composition (spectrometer), sand properties and physical properties of castings - ALL IN HOUSE.
We are also installing state of the art pattern making set-up within next twothree months with CNC Routers and Scanner so that single-window service can be offered to customer for pattern making. This will help our valued customers in reducing gaps in development cycle and to receive a good castings in short time frames A team of technocrats having decades of exposure in foundry industry and who are qualified metallurgists shall be taking care of complete manufacturing activities.
TEAM SNH now requires your whole-hearted encouragement and support in the form of valued orders . We assure you of very responsive and responsible services always.

Total Plot Area 36330 Sq.ft. Shed Area 26500 Sq.ft.

Strengths Opportunities
A partner with a decade of extensive expposure to business has started a foundry. Tremendous growth potentisl due to a large customer base available in surrounding area.
Very good basic infra-structure Local competiton over booked.
Desire Grow Other competitors over booked.
Young team Diversify in non-auto sector ( wind enery, heavy engineering, sugar industry etc.)
Know field known customers, known processes, known problems. Good potential in S.G. Iron and Steel Casting field.
Competitive pricing
Once a customer, always a customer ready to undertake jobs which normally other foundries refuse due to tight schedules.
Very strong desire to succeed.