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  • Full Auto Continuous Sand Mixer Omega

    Sane make and 20 Ton / Hr. capacity

  • Sand Reclamation Plant

    with Attrition Unit,Fines Remover andPneumatic Conveyer

  • Vibratory Knock Out Screen

    for mold breaking 10 T capacity

  • Divided Blast Cupola

    Dia 42” with 8 T/Hour melting rate

  • Pollution Control Plant

    For Cupola

  • Induction Furnace

    500 kg capacity

  • Sand Testing Lab
  • Spectrometer
  • C E Meter /Pyrometer

    with p.c. interface for on line composition/temp monitoring

  • Hardness TestingMachine
  • UTS Machine
  • O H Crane

    2 Nos ( 12.5 T and 7.5 T )

  • Laddles

    500 kg , 3 T and 6 T

  • Mold Boxes

    4X3.5meters ,4X3meter,3X2.5meter,2.5X2 meter, 2X1.8 meter andvarious small sizes

  • Sand Blasting Machine
  • Fettling

    7” hand Grinders 3 nos, 4” hand Grinders 2 nos,Pneumatic Chipper 2 nos.

  • Spray Painting Equipment

    for Red Oxide Primer on finished castings

  • Spray Painting Arrangement

    for Polystyrene Foam Patterns

  • Screw Compressor

    Gardner-Denver make 300 CFM capacity

  • Generator

    150 KVA rating for 100 % power back up

  • Misc. hand tools

    and measuring instruments